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Welcome to JK Lynch

Our intention is to provide you with a full and reasonable quotation. A quotation that includes all of the relevant details discussed between us at the time of our first meeting and from which you can deduce exactly that which we are providing.

Enquiries, quotations and supervision are all handled by the principals of our firm in conjunction with our experienced and helpful staff.

Should we be successful in obtaining your valuable order, we can assure you of our personal and diligent attention.

Our Reputation

Over 65 years of service within the city has built up for us a reputation of which we are justly proud. This reputation we are determined to retain and, if possible enhance: thus we lay such emphasis upon our policy of direct and personal contact between ourselves and our clients.

Our Quality

  • A family business founded in 1946.
  • An established company which does not demand deposits.
  • An honest company which provides complete specifications.
  • Will not overcharge on any extra items.
  • A caring company in which the director is actively involved in the production process.
  • A progressive company which uses modern technology to ensure the best possible service.
  • A realistic company which recognizes that it’s most important product is a satisfied client.

Terms and conditions on the back of our quotations have been negotiated directly with the Office of Fair Trading, and include a written guarantee.

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Those weekly horror stories in the evening papers of incompetent, erstwhile contractors who exploit the inexperience of the public, who take forever to complete shoddy work and grossly inflate charges for extra work.
Mulberry Homes & Just Windows – the national home extension and improvement companies who went into liquidation having taken thousands of pounds in deposits – all lost.
Choose a local builder of proven worth and ability.

Choose Wisely – Choose Well – Choose J.K

Number 10 Falkland Close, Coventry, CV4 8AU.

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